"And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved."

Monday, July 27, 2015

Less Actives everywhere

Salama ianareo! Tena tsy mamiryfiry instony eto Antananarivo.

Hey everyone, this week has been great; we managed to meet with alot of less active members this week and we have been trying to contact in this one section of our area and really get it going.

Tuesday we had a super good lesson with an investigator named James and he is just well words can't say right now. We talked with him and just answered any questions that he had and we talked about some really interesting gospel topics and other things about him. He has apparently visited 5-6 different countries due to his work (he is a statician) and he is way smart. we left him with a 1st pamphlet and he said that there may be many more questions next time.

On Wednesday we got a whole bunch of LA and RC (Elder Nelson's mom here: I'm guessing these are less active and recent convert) lessons. Joseph and Pierlette, our recent convert family, are doing great and are loving their time in the church. We got to meet with a new less active that we didn't know about named Solo. He seems just like a great guy and I would love to visit him alot but it might be a bit difficult to catch him as he travels alot for work but we got to meet with him and encouraged him to keep studying the scriptures.

Friday we once again had a great lesson with Rasolo and Colette. We had our DMP with us and we learned about tithing; what it is, where it goes, how to do it, and the blessings that we recieve from faithfully paying our tithing. Our lesson after that was with a person named Delphin and it is hard meeting with him. Most people have some understanding of who God is; he is our father, he loves us and wants to bless us. But during the lesson I had a small thought come to my mind so I asked him "Delphin, who is God to you?" he replied "now don't get angry but to me God discriminates people. There is so much inequality here; people are rich, others are poor, people do well while others just get dumped on". Because of that it just clicked on why he hadn't really been enjoying the lesson; to him it was not right. So we changed gears a tiny bit and began teaching and helping Delphin see that God really is his father, that there is a need for inequality right now in this life- so we can learn to make choices, to make the difference between right and wrong, and that God is just ready to listen and help him. We left them with a committment to really pray and to read that pamplets that we had already left with him.

Saturday we gave Rasolo's son and his wife a baptisimal date! If they feel that they are ready they will be baptized on October 3.

I think that is it for this week everyone, just have a great one!

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 20, 2015

Well it has been another week full of great ups and downs

Monday went out to try and meet with Ollivie again but he was not home. We then tried to meet with an investigator named Natacha but yet again they were not home.

Wednesday we tried to meet with Thierry again but neither he nor his family were home and another investigator that is a friend of a member did not show up. So we did alot more contacting and finding people to teach.

Thursday was a great district meeting, one of the elders brought a great lesson on how being prideful on the mission interferes with the work. After that we went and took one of our amazing ward missionaries out to lunch, he is always ready and willing to help us out.

So here is a really truly amazing thing that happened. On Friday we go to visit Rasolo and Colette again and start a lesson with them. And again they were amazingly prepared for the lesson and had questions from the Sunday School lessons that somehow just work with what we were teaching. Then we ask how there reading is going, Colette tells us "Elders, I have read every pamphlet (they do have everyone) and some of them twice and I am in 2 Nephi 8", lets just say that we were just completely blown away by that. Then at the end of the lesson they gave us a little snack and we" were like "man these people are just so amazing". Finally during that little snack we were talking and we learned that missionaries had never knocked on their door, not ever, so they had no idea that it the church even existed. Colette said "I never knew that I was looking for the true church, but you elders, you have brought us our salvation". I was just so touched by that, up until that point I had never had anything like that so far on my mission, it was truly another great time with them.

Then the next day on Saturday we didn't get a single lesson so I guess you win some and lose some.

But the thought we can get from this is that there are people that have never been contacted; people that are just down the other path or that other house that the missionaries don't ever knock on but they are there. I feel blessed to have found these people, by going down that little path that had never had missionaries on before. There is amways someone ready to recieve.

So that is the week everyone, a bit short (I sorta forgot my planner so I couldn't remember everything) but we did some good work. Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 13, 2015

Working Hard

Akory abe! This week Elder Tshuma and I just worked so hard and had a great time this past week, can't wait to tell you all about it.

Monday: We had a great time going to the office, playing some basketball, and walking around a bit during the day then that night we met with a person that we had contacted a few days before and he was actually home! Lots of times people that you contact on the street are not home, even if you set up an appointment with them. But we did get to meet with him, his name is Olivie, and it was an interesting discussion, we will see how it goes.

On Wednesday we had a great lesson with Thierry (not sure if I have mentioned him before) but he is doing ok. He is always so quiet during the lesson but when we had this last lesson he told us that "yes, I believe that what you are teaching is true" "Yes, I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet" and we also learned that he is trying to read and pray every day. He is progressing, I truly believe that he is, but it is coming along slowly. Hopefully this week we can find out what will help him the most. Then for pretty much the rest of the day we did contacting, gotta love it, and found some potentially awesome people to teach.

Thursday was awesome, we contacted pretty much all day but we regularly found lessons with new people that are amazing. For example we found this older man named James. We didn't really teach a regular lesson but ended up talking and discussing that he had; what we believed in, why do we believe in that, can you explain this, the importance of this and that, the man was just full of questions and I hope that we were able to answer them well. Honestly it was a blast to have a meeting such as that, they are super fun and enjoyable.

Sunday we had a very interesting lesson in Elders Quorum about seeking for the spirit. There is just so much that goes into feeling the spirit that it has really spurred me into wanting to mearn more about the Holy Ghost and how to better go by its direction. After church we had a lesson with Solo's and Collettes son Andry and his wife Pricitte and they are just amazing. They truly listen well to the lesson and I truly believe that they understand it, it helps when your Ward Mission Leader is a returned missionary and is a baller but that is beside the point. This last Sunday Andry and his wife both came to church with Solo and Collette, it was amazing to see them.

Then later at work I was able to participate/ do the annointing for a members sick grandmother. It was just a quiet and sweet moment, it was truly a joy to participate.

I think that is pretty much it for now, be amazing this week everyone!

Until next time,
Elder Nelson

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Devil, a new President, and a great week

Hey everyone, how has your week been? Like I have already said this has been a great week so lets get to it!

Monday: We had a little Family Home Evening called a Soiree(swore-eh)with some members named Lova and Sambatra and truly they are people that love to have some fun. We were told that they had a way to show us "the devil" so obviously we had to go, I mean how many times does a person get to see the devil? So we go have some food, share a lesson, play a game, and then it was time for the showing of the devil. First, Elder Tshuma; he is handed a knife, had his eyes covered, and was told to cut a small piece of cord. after a few seconds they pretended that the cord had been cut and some rubbed flour all over Elder Tshuma's face, so funny. Then my turn; I am given a plate of water, told to put a hair in it and watch. The person who put flour on Elder Tshuma asked "do you see anthing yet? No. Keep looking... See anything yet? No BANG" She hits the plate of water so that my very close face gets completely soaking wet. I was so surprised but I got her back; there was a tiny bit of water left in the plate so I took it and splashed it on her. Turns out that the person that does all of the tricks is the "devil" so you get to "see the devil". It was a great joke, I had an awesome time.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we got to meet again with this awesome couple named Delphin and Claudine(?). Delphin is looking for a faith right now and really doesn't believe in anything, his wife is just awesome and was just full of questions such as "do you baptize children or wait?" "what is the really day for worship Saturday or Sunday?", stuff like that. But the really great thing was after we explained things to her, gave her our reasons, and she just took it and accepted it like "ok, that makes sense". Delphin has alot more in depth and longer answer questions which will take some time to answer but we told them that if they read the material that we gave them then they would get alot of answers to their questions.

Wednesday: Taught a new investigator/ referal from a member who has already come to church three times in a row, her name is Vero.We mostly explain and discussed the Book of Mormon that the members had given her and really encouraged her and her family to read and study it and also to bring the rest of her family with her to the discussions.

Thursday: I had a split with Elder Razafimandimby in Ampefiloha (my area) and we had a great time, we mostly tracted/ contacted the whole time but I really enjoyed my time and we got alot of work done.

Friday we got to meet our new Mission President, President Foote and I really like him, I think that he is going to do a great job.

Saturday was just a great day. We met with the husband of a recent convert and we have been really trying to help him out and develop faith and to know for himself, he says that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying which is just awesome and we encouraged him that he would recieve an answer. Then that night we net with Rasolo and Collette and they just blew us out of the water, they had read the material, knew all of the answers, and just ready for the lesson. Then to top it all of they accepted a baptisimal date. These people are just so awesome and I am so happy and pleased with how they are progressing and striving to learn.

I think that is about it for this week everyone, have a great time!

Elder Nelson