"And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Well first of all I would like to give a belated Fathers Days greeting especially to my awesome dad, love you a bunch!

So this past week on Monday we got to visit another zoo except this time we were allowed in and the zoo worker put honey on us and the lemurs just went crazy licking it up, it was so cool.

On Tuesday I went on a split with my Zone Leader; Elder Cartmill and we had a great time. We actually managed to do some of everything regarding the work; teaching, tracting, visiting less active, and new members then at the end of the day he had some very great advice for our work. And after all the tracting we did we found two potentialy amazing families to teach; one lives by a member and this last Sunday that member talked to us about that investigator and how they had a great discussion on the gospel, looking forward to teaching both of them in the days to come.

This Saturday was amazing because Joseph and his family all got baptized together is was just awesome to see. This family has been the most diligent that I have ever seen, truly prepared by the Lord; it has been a pleasure to work with them.

Little note on Elder Tshuma is that he is advancing very quickly in his language abilities zhich has nothing to do with anything that I have done, he just puts in alot of effort in his studies and they are really paying off; he can already tell the topic of what is being discussed and the often times the basics of the conversation. He is making me very proud on how hard he is working.

Also the investigators from last week named Solo and his wife Collette are just doing great. Solo has not missed a day of church since he began and Collette comes whenever she can get off work yet they are both love the church and learning about the gospel.

Finally I am sad to say that on Thursday President Adams and his wife will be finishing their missions and going home. They have done amazingly these past three years and I am happy to have been able to know and work with them.

I think that is it for this week; it has been great and ending it with the baptism of J with his family was some awesome, have a great week everyone!

Elder Nelson

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sorry about this!

Hey everyone I am very sorry about this but this letter is gong to be very short because of time constraints and sorry to those of you that wrote, I am very aware that you wrote and I will get to you if I have time.

Mostly Elder Tshuma and I have had a great week and probably one of the greatest things that has happened is that a family that we tracted into and thought would not really be interested have all started coming to church and seem very excited about the gospel. I can't wait to see how that goes.

Elder Tshuma is doing well and is working so hard. He speaks in every lesson and tries so hard to help the people that we teach come closer to Christ and to recieving the Celestial Kingdom.

Sorry again for this being so short but time just ran out today but I will definetaly send a great big letter next week. Thanks everyone!

Elder Nelson

Monday, June 15, 2015

First Week of Training

Hello again everyone, I hope that you have had great week as my has definetaly been interesting.

Monday: We took it kind of slow so that Elder Munanira could pack for Tamatave.

Tuesday we were able to go work for a tiny bit with another elder named Elder Wootan because he was also getting trasfered and would just go with us that evening to the office. It went ok and we got everything and everyone to the office on time. The dinner for departing missionaries was still going on so we got to talk with Elders Herring, Stringfellow, Tiu, and Kelsch who were being transfered from Tamatave (aside from Elder Kelsch), it was great to just talk for a bit. I also got to see Elder Connault for a bit before he left which really made my evening. Then Elder Glazier (from my group and is also training) took me to his house to do a split until Wednesday evening.

Well the split went very well; we taught a person from the Gendermie(?) who seemed to be super interested, taught english, and went to the AP's that evening. I had a great time with Elder Glazier, just love the guy. That night we got to meet all of the trainees, there were four in total, and the were all super cool, it was a bit weird to think that I was gong to take one of them home and that I was responsible for getting him ready and knowing how to be a missionary, there is a lot of weight on your shoulders when you get a trainee.

Thursday we had the training meeting, delicious breakfast and lunck from Sister Adams and I found out who my trainee is... Elder Tshuma from Johannesburg South Africa. He is a really cool guy and just loves serving and wants to be the best missionary possible.

The rest of the week was full of helping Elder Tshuma into the rhythm of being in the field, teaching, and on Sunday Elder Tshuma bore his testimony in church and it was pretty good, just glad to have him here.

That is about it for this week, hope you all have a great one,

Elder Nelson

Elder Tshuma from Johannesburg South Africa

Monday, June 8, 2015

What is going on here?! Big news

Is it really another week? Well lets get on it, I have a LOT of news to share.

On Tuesday we had another visit with Remy, I can just see that he loves to learn. He is always very attentive as we teach and asks questions (which I love) when he doesn't understand. He still hasn't come to church but when we stopped by his house quickly he said "ya I didn't come to church but I know I should but I had stuff to do". At least he recognizes that he needed to come to church so that is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday we had a day just filled with an amazing Zone Conference, the last with President Adams. We discussed on that we should not blame our areas but find the things that we are doing that are preventing us from reaching our goals. We also discussed something called the "4th Missionary"; it is a talk from 2002 that discusses four levels of missionaries which just is ment to inspire and propel each missionary to reach that fourth level (also we got lunch from Sister Adams which may have made the day a lot better).

So story time. One time there was a young missionary named Elder Nelson. He had just finished work for the day and had gotten on the taxi be home. Only the aisle seats were open which usually is not a problem but that day was different. As this young elder sat down he sees that he is right in the middle of four semi drunk and  progressively getting drunker friends. Usually when this happens and they notice a semi large white person on a taxi be they can't help but talk to him, not because they are interested in the message he carries but to try and get a good laugh. As this goes on, them asking questions and Elder Nelson respectively answering he thinks "I really do want to talk to you, I really do, but anything I say to you now will not help you. I want to talk and share but the way you are now is preventing me from doing so". Stangly during this Elder Nelson realizes that this is how the Holy Ghost must be like; he wants to testify to us so bad yet the way we are, whether it being hard headed, engrossed in some for of sin, ect. prevents the Spirit from performing its job. So spiritual thought for the day is let us all try a little better to create and environment in our own ways to enable the Spirit to testify and teach. It is always there and willing but it is up to us to be ready to recieve it.

So a little news for us all. Last night (Sunday) was transfer night and as such we were all waiting for transfer news. When it arrived I got a little, amazing but very nerve wracking, piece of news. Not only am I staying in Ampefiloha (thats not weird I already knew that) but I will also be "drum roll" TRAINING! So for the next three months I will be teaching and helping a new missionary learn the ropes, the rules, the language, everything. I am so excited to be training but like I said before, very nervous. Also in case you were all wondering Elder Munanira is being transfered to Tamatave, he is going to have a great time and I am so happy for him.

That is about it for this week, keep up the good work everyone. See you all next week,

Elder Nelson

Random little parade while at work, they even had some band instruments and I have to say I broke down a little; asked and recieved one of the guys trumpets for a quick sec, it felt so good

Monday, June 1, 2015

Wohoo it finally happened!

Well another good week in Ampefiloha and today (Monday) something historic happened. After being in Madagascar for 8 months I finally, Finally saw lemurs, yep it finally happened.

But on the rest of the week we did many a thing such as on Tuesday. On Tuesday we had a visit with a pretty new investigator named Haga and his wife Pierret (if I'm not mistaken that's her name) and we reviewed some things with them. They listen well but haven't yet come to church. Then we taught another newish investigator named Remy, we haven't gotten very far in the lessons but I think that he is very interested in learning but still doesn't fully understand what we are doing.

Wednesday we taught this family named Vincent, Claudia, and Toky. They are a very great family and I like them alot. Right now Toky (he is the son) is progressing the most and actually comes to church but I think that it won't be long until his dad, Vincent, begins coming to; in lessons he listens and is very attentive to what we are sharing with them. Then there is Claudia who is doing ok but I have to give her the benefit of the doubt here as she has had a rough couple of weeks. She got sick for a while so it was difficult for her to learn then in our last meeting with them she had a huge burn all along the underside of her fore arm from two saturdays ago so obviously she had a difficult time being attentive. I just hope that she is soon able to have a normal time and will recover quickly.

Thursday was a great day in the fact that we got to finally have a lesson with a less active named Sharline and the man that we needed to teach just happened to be another less active which had moved into the same little living complex as her, small world! We ended up merely reading out of the Book of Mormon with them which if nothing else will invite the spirit into that little room and begin helping them decide to return to church.

Joseph and his family are still going strong, they are progressing so well that I love every second with them. They are getting really close to baptism which, if all goes well, will be on June 20; we just need to help them prepare for the covenant and change that may soon be taking place in there lives.

That is pretty much it for this week (also today we went to a place called the "Croc Farm" and that is where I finally got to enjoy the lemurs). Have a great week everyone!

Elder Nelson

A fosa, a pretty big cat, super long, and apparently the biggest animal native to Madagascar

Elder Walker feeding it a pinecone

Also there were crocs, just so you know

This guy right here is HUGE! probably twice my length and maybe double my girth