"And now, my beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved."

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ok ok, here it is, The Big letter... We also had baptisms!

Hey everyone! Sorry about not getting a big letter out last week, we got very busy and I just did not have time to do it, but this weeks is great and must come out as we had four baptisms this past week!!!

So Monday we had a great day just walking around with Elders Price, Lungani, Taninter, and Maluleka looking at/ buying souvenirs and getting ice cream. That evening we visited and had a great time with an amazing family named Faly, Micheal, Sarika, and Alice. They didn't have much time that evening so we just shared a small little lesson on the importance of a living prophet and then connecting that to the Joseph Smith pamphlet (which they have all read) and learning more about the living prophet right now. We then invited them to the baptism on Saturday and Faly said that at the very least he would be coming.

One of the other families that we are teaching that is doing pretty well named Gino, Razafimahatratra, with Gino's wife Katy. We stopped by them , just planning on talking to them about coming to church but it turned into a discussion about praying about the Book of Mormon as apparently they have not been praying about the message at all even though they have been reading the book regularly. really it was just amazing to see how hard it is sometimes for people to accept to do even the small things, Razafimahatratra took some talking and promises to finally help him accept the invitation to pray.

It just astounded me on how hard it is for us as people to really accept/ do the very small and basic things. Occasionally when I am in a bad mood or a bad day I know that if I just say a quick prayer and it will all go away. But there is always a little resistence to not do so, almost a reluctance to not give myself over to someone else, yet I know it is what I should do. So I completally understand what Razafimahatratra was feeling, I could see the struggle on his face, it is hard sometimes to really allow ourselves to change and ask God for actual guidance

Finally we had BAPTISMS!!!!! It was a great service, Elder Evans baptised Holy and Jocelyn while I had the great honor of baptising Zoe and Vola.  Everyone was so happy with the service and we got invited to lunch the next day after church. Then as soon as the service ended the skies of Madagascar opened up and it just rained and rained and rained all the day long, hense the video and pictures of flooding.

I think that is about it guys, thank you all for reading and your emails, hope you all have a great week!
Elder Nelson

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